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Handshake Guarantee

We like to do business the old fashioned way - on a handshake.

So, in keeping with the spirit of these simpler days, here's our Handshake Guarantee.

You must be completely satisfied with the service we have provided you.

If you are not,
then we will correct it... Free.

We are dedicated to our customers' satisfaction.

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EDS Healthcare is a Specialty Pharmacy Dedicated and Focused on providing Support and Medication Counseling and Pharmaceutical care to patients living with HIV/AIDS. We are trained Health Care Professionals that understand the unique needs of our patients when it comes to their medication needs.

We do more than just dispense your medication, we are a full service Health Care Provider who cares.

LifePac Medication PackagingNew For 2013! LIFE PAC

Life Pac Unit-dose Packaged Medication

We now have LIFE PAC unit and multi-dose packaging which organizes a patients medications by dose. Each package is custom-printed with details that make it easy to confirm that patients receive the right dose and medication at the right time – every time.

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The EDS difference:

The EDS Approach for our Patients:

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