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LifePac SampleOR Precription Pill Bottles

LIFE PAC – unit-dose packaged medication

We now have LIFE PAC unit and multi-dose packaging which organizes a patients medications by dose. Each package is custom-printed with details that make it easy to confirm that patients receive the right dose and medication at the right time – every time.

Some things in life can be complicated, but taking medication properly should not be one of them. Life Pac unit and multi-dose medication packaging makes the process of taking and administering medications easier, while also improving medication adherence. Using Life-Pac medication packaging to properly follow a medication regimen can drastically improve the life of the patient and provide peace-of-mind for their loved ones.

Customers and Service Providers can choose between traditional perscription packaging and Life Pac unit and multi-dosepackaging.


All Insurances Accepted! • Contact us to arragnge for Life Pac packaging.


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